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Fanatic of poker since many years, numerous rumors run concerning the health of Chad Brown, author of two seconds places in the WSOP but also of the title of the greatest player in 2006. Besides, the spokesman of this poker ambassador’s family has recently conveyed that Chad Brown has left the poker tables for ever, following a liposarcoma which was weakening him since 2011. As he couldn’t manage to eradicate the disease, Chad Brown has thus died at the age of 52 years old, surrounded by his family and also by numerous friends. To commemorate the presence of this former actor, a ceremony has been organized in his honor during the last WSOP.

By awarding to his uncle the bracelet that the WSOP have given him, this star of poker texas holdem published on his blog in February of this year the way how he managed his disease during those years consisted in imagining each situation like a poker hand. In front of questions about his disease, he confirmed that the situation was never serious and that he accepts each round like a poker game which is presented to him. In order to keep his head on his shoulders, he was always thinking about the next hand.

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August 13th, 2014
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The Spurs are in good shape to run for the Western Conference finals of the NBA, undoubtedly the best championship which seduces a large number of sport online fans both in the USA and throughout the world. Thursday night, Gregg Popovitch’s team led by a more talented Boris Diaw gave such a great lesson to Scott Brooks’ OKC. That game 5 was of a big intensity, the level of which illustrated the impression of a training game.

The Spanish star and online sports betting fans’ favorite player, Serge Ibaka( Thunder), was unable to do much facing Tim Duncan and his teammates. For his part, Boris Diaw sparked despite some missed shoots (4-7). The No.33 of the Spurs with his 13 points, 6 rebonds and 3 assists over 28 minutes of play achieved a good finish at 2/2 behind the line at 7.23 meter under ATT Center audience’s applause. In sports betting on the NBA, many free bet are to win online!

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June 18th, 2014
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With the use of technology, many online users have almost forgotten how it is to behave online particularly in online gaming sites such as poker. Probably they behave this way because people accustomed in communicating virtually and at times consider that they talking to emotionless machines instead of humans. But online players have to bear in mind that they are playing with “live players” and propriety should be observed just like when they are playing the actual games. In order to enjoy the game more and to play more harmoniously with other poker players online, here are some helpful tips in behaving when playing online poker.

One, avoid unnecessary comments. Just observe how other splay the games but do not tell them that they are playing bad or that the other person has the better hand. Do not tell the other players on what they should do because this is very unbecoming. Instead, give them respect and let them do their own strategies. Definitely, you do not want other people to do that to you when it is your turn. Two, refrain from using foul languages. It is understandable that you had some adrenalin rush while playing online poker, at times you even get shocked. But do your best not to utter any foul languages, it can ruin the game and it is a bad taste. Third, move at the right pacing. Do not let other people wait for so long before you make your move. Be considerate. This is a game and other online poker players are also waiting for their turn.

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May 22nd, 2014
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The Event #51, among which the $ 10,000 Ladies Championship No Limit Hold’em, has elected the Canadian woman, Kristen Bicknell, as champion. She realized a great achievement which awarded her with an interesting bonus of $ 173,922 and the golden bracelet. The champion ousted the Australian Leanne Haas, during the final duel. Note that this event dedicated to the women registered a field of 954 women players.

Several French women were in the poker room of Rio, at the start of the competition. Among others, there were Claire Renaut, Lara Boutros, Hermance Blum and the young Julie Monsacré who ended third. She signed the best French performance during the World Series Of Poker 2013 (WSOP), despite the fact that she didn’t receive the trophy. She managed to challenge international poker stars, to quote only a few, Liv Boeree and Barabara Enright.

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July 8th, 2013
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It is only the third week of January and the new poker season has kicked off with a massive hue and cry. Isildur1; the online poker phenom, has been revealed to be 20 year old Victor Blom who looks more like a 15 year old pop idol than a hardened online poker player who regularly loses (as well as wins) millions of dollars. This kid is a hard-line gambler, but to get this far – and while only playing online poker, we are going to be watching him carefully. I think Team Pokers Stars has taken a chance signing this kid, as I believe he will be a flash-in-the-pan – but then again thats what taking a gamble is all about! His pin-up good looks will certainly be attracting a lot more new young female attention to the PokerStars site, so publicity and new sign ups shouldn’t be a problem. The Poker Stars Caribbean adventure (PCA) got off to a well PR’d start with the revelation of the face behind the alias.

Phil Hellmuth has been captured on camera playing poker with the caddies at the Medinah Country Club. Not a very exciting story, but good of him to give them a run for their money in a game of seven card stud while he waited to tee off. This is a story for the winning caddy’s grand-children. “I took a $350 7 Card Stud prize pot off the great Phil Hellmuth and this dude has 11 WSOP bracelets!”

Unibet seems to be on a roll again and they kicked off the 6th installment of the UB Online Poker Championship last Sunday with three events. We have been waiting for them to announce who will be replacing Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth as the new poker pros at the site, but haven’t seen anything yet. According to Joe Sebok, this is going to be a doozy of an announcement. So we watch and wait – don’t hold your breath whatever you do, I’m not!

PokerNews is still hunting for a hostess if you fancy your chances of getting in; you may even be able to get close to the elusive baby-faced Isildur1, aka Viktor Blom, with a great job like this! Lynn Gilmartin has been testing some friends and co-workers skills in front of the camera at the Aussie Millions. Apparently it is a good thing they are not actually auditioning!

We don’t seem to hear a lot about Chris Moneymaker these days, but we also knew nothing about him before he became the first online poker player to ever win a WSOP bracelet. So all eyes were on him as he took to the felt with Isildur1 on Day 1b of the CPA Main Event. When he entered the 2003 WSOP the pros thought he was a dead money entrant, so let’s not underestimate this player – many people do. He has my utmost respect for quite literally making online poker a respectable game and paving the way for players like Greg Raymer and Isildur1. It was Mike Matusow who coined the phrase, “Thank God for Chris Moneymaker”; indeed yes!

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January 25th, 2011
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It is quite often than company try to get you by creating fake website and try to get your money so this is why, it is important to get information fist about the Casino Bet before starting playing online.

  • First good thing to do, check if the site is secured. You can have this kind of information on the home page. Most of the time they just leave an image with a lock and say 100% safe and secure. Most of the time, you can check the security company with which the casino online is working and click on it to get more information about the casino. You can also get information about the security website through Google and get opinions from diverse random witnesses. IF the casino is secured a page would be devoted to it.
  • Second thing to do. After checking the security website, check if, during the registration, they are able to ask you question such your birth of day, this one is obligatory. This means they have to do it if they want to check your age because it is forbidden for a person under 18 (or 21 in USA) to play at the casino. If they don’t ask this kind of question, it means that something is wrong with this website.
  • Third thing: When you make a deposit, check the address at the top of the website and check if after the http you have a s so if you have HTTPS, it means that your website is secured by a legal secure company but if you don’t have it, don’t do any deposit on it and denounce this website to the authority of your country.
  • Fourth thing. If you are not sure about your website check on the net and try to get the blacklist of your country. This link lists a number of illegal website so if your casino is in, leave it.
  • For the first time, make a small deposit and check if you can get your winnings quite quickly. When you ask for getting your first winning, it can take up to three weeks before getting it on your account because the website has to check all of the information regarding your detail but if it takes more than a month it means that you have to leave this website. For the second claim, it would take a few days not more.

So you have checked everything and everything is fine, it means that you can play on it without problem. Also, if your government has regularized the online gambling, check on their site and you will know quickly which website are legal and which one is not legal. Have fun by playing poker, blackjack and slop machine, don’t hesitate to check the advices of people about any website you are visiting, if it is a good one, it would have at least one opinion about it on the web. Remember we are 6 billion!

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October 19th, 2010
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If you play poker you will hear some words such as bluff, flop, pré flop, full house. At the beginning, it is difficult to understand everything this is why I will try to give you the main definitions that you need to know to understand poker.

  • Small blind: The small blind is when you are the person just beside the dealer. At the start, even if you don’t like you game you have to bet on it the half of the big blind. The blind is determinated at the beginning of the game.
  • Big blind The big blind is when you are the person just beside the small blind. At the start, even if you don’t like you game you have to bet on it. The blind is determinated at the beginning of the game. The players has to call this player to play he came until another one raise on it.
  • The pré flop: it is when the dealer deals for everyone 2 cards and before he turns the flop, players have to call the big blind or raise it.
  • Le flop: it is the first third cards of the river. The first ones that the dealer returns
  • Le dealer: the person who deal the cards.
  • Cash out: the money available on your account and you can get in dollars or in pounds via Internet.
  • Bluff : When a player is playing with nothing and the other players don’t know
  • Bicycle : a straight of 5 cards but really weak (Ace-2-3-4-5)
  • A pair : 2 similar cards : 7 heart + 7 club
  • Two pairs : 2 similar cards+ 2 similar cards : 7 heart + 7 club – 7 heart + 7 club +7 diamond
  • 3 of the kinds : 3 similar cards = 7 heart + 7 club + 7 diamond
  • 4 of the kinds: 4 similar cards7 heart + 7 club +7 diamond + 7 spade
  • A full house: 3 similar cards + 2 similar cards = 7 heart + 7 club +7 diamond +7 heart + 7 club +7 diamond
  • A straight: 5 following cards.
  • A flush: 5 cards with the same suit
  • A royal flush: 5 cards with the same suitand 5 following cards from 10 to Ace.
  • The river: the last card that the dealer is turning.
  • Raise: when a player play money. It can be more than the big blind, more a player who already raised or at the beginning of the turn.
  • Fold: it means that the person doesn’t want to play this turn.
  • Check: when a person doesn’t to play some money but no one raise before.

This is a part of the vocabulary but of course it is not all of it. So hesitate to visit some websites where you can visit some more such as the online poker websites.

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July 27th, 2010
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Are you searching for poker game sites that can ensure you the greatest sensations ? You’ve come to the right place. This site allows you to find the best places to play on online poker rooms tested and approved by many connoisseurs. Our site will guide you to choose among the big names present on the net offering a quality service to its players. We selected the sites that meet the criteria of performance and quality so that you, players can take full satisfaction. The game sites that offer a good guarantee of safety for new online players and allow them to easily adapt to the world of online poker rooms. In addition, they receive a bonus offered specially for the occasion.

This site contains all the necessary recommendations in order to not mislead the player into error and provides information on the criteria of playing on online poker rooms. Therefore, you will not have to hesitate about your choice because we have already done it for you. Be reassured, our experts have tested the gaming sites and have taken care to establish a list of names that will give you all the attributes to play at your leisure, at your pace. You have the right cards to play with other people equally and with fulfilment, you will discover new horizons of entertainment. Be there for you online tournaments taking place on these sites, you’ll have the best opportunities available to you.

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April 23rd, 2010
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