Fanatic of poker since many years, numerous rumors run concerning the health of Chad Brown, author of two seconds places in the WSOP but also of the title of the greatest player in 2006. Besides, the spokesman of this poker ambassador’s family has recently conveyed that Chad Brown has left the poker tables for ever, following a liposarcoma which was weakening him since 2011. As he couldn’t manage to eradicate the disease, Chad Brown has thus died at the age of 52 years old, surrounded by his family and also by numerous friends. To commemorate the presence of this former actor, a ceremony has been organized in his honor during the last WSOP.

By awarding to his uncle the bracelet that the WSOP have given him, this star of poker texas holdem published on his blog in February of this year the way how he managed his disease during those years consisted in imagining each situation like a poker hand. In front of questions about his disease, he confirmed that the situation was never serious and that he accepts each round like a poker game which is presented to him. In order to keep his head on his shoulders, he was always thinking about the next hand.

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August 13th, 2014
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