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Betting on the football online is a great way to get started with online gambling on the World Cup. There are so many bets that you can choose from and there is a huge range of gambling sites that you can join. In fact, there are even some crazy bets that you can gamble on and some of those crazy bets have drawn a lot of public attention recently.

One of the incidents that everyone in the football world is talking about at the moment is the biting incident from Luis Suarez. He has allegedly bitten Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini and this has drawn worldwide criticism of the player. However, one punter has gotten incredibly lucky because he gambled money that Suarez would bite someone at this World Cup and it has proven to be true.

This is an incredibly lucky bet that has come true for this lucky punter. Now this is an example of a crazy bet but one that has been worth it because this punter ended up winning £500 from only a £3 bet. This is not the only crazy bet that has been placed this World Cup either, there have been a few but none have been quite as lucky as this one.

This is an example of a punter getting extremely lucky gambling on the football online this World Cup. However, it probably won’t be the last time someone experiences this kind of luck and it’s only a matter of time before we see the next one.

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June 30th, 2014
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The Spurs are in good shape to run for the Western Conference finals of the NBA, undoubtedly the best championship which seduces a large number of sport online fans both in the USA and throughout the world. Thursday night, Gregg Popovitch’s team led by a more talented Boris Diaw gave such a great lesson to Scott Brooks’ OKC. That game 5 was of a big intensity, the level of which illustrated the impression of a training game.

The Spanish star and online sports betting fans’ favorite player, Serge Ibaka( Thunder), was unable to do much facing Tim Duncan and his teammates. For his part, Boris Diaw sparked despite some missed shoots (4-7). The No.33 of the Spurs with his 13 points, 6 rebonds and 3 assists over 28 minutes of play achieved a good finish at 2/2 behind the line at 7.23 meter under ATT Center audience’s applause. In sports betting on the NBA, many free bet are to win online!

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June 18th, 2014
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