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With the use of technology, many online users have almost forgotten how it is to behave online particularly in online gaming sites such as poker. Probably they behave this way because people accustomed in communicating virtually and at times consider that they talking to emotionless machines instead of humans. But online players have to bear in mind that they are playing with “live players” and propriety should be observed just like when they are playing the actual games. In order to enjoy the game more and to play more harmoniously with other poker players online, here are some helpful tips in behaving when playing online poker.

One, avoid unnecessary comments. Just observe how other splay the games but do not tell them that they are playing bad or that the other person has the better hand. Do not tell the other players on what they should do because this is very unbecoming. Instead, give them respect and let them do their own strategies. Definitely, you do not want other people to do that to you when it is your turn. Two, refrain from using foul languages. It is understandable that you had some adrenalin rush while playing online poker, at times you even get shocked. But do your best not to utter any foul languages, it can ruin the game and it is a bad taste. Third, move at the right pacing. Do not let other people wait for so long before you make your move. Be considerate. This is a game and other online poker players are also waiting for their turn.

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May 22nd, 2014
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