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It is only the third week of January and the new poker season has kicked off with a massive hue and cry. Isildur1; the online poker phenom, has been revealed to be 20 year old Victor Blom who looks more like a 15 year old pop idol than a hardened online poker player who regularly loses (as well as wins) millions of dollars. This kid is a hard-line gambler, but to get this far – and while only playing online poker, we are going to be watching him carefully. I think Team Pokers Stars has taken a chance signing this kid, as I believe he will be a flash-in-the-pan – but then again thats what taking a gamble is all about! His pin-up good looks will certainly be attracting a lot more new young female attention to the PokerStars site, so publicity and new sign ups shouldn’t be a problem. The Poker Stars Caribbean adventure (PCA) got off to a well PR’d start with the revelation of the face behind the alias.

Phil Hellmuth has been captured on camera playing poker with the caddies at the Medinah Country Club. Not a very exciting story, but good of him to give them a run for their money in a game of seven card stud while he waited to tee off. This is a story for the winning caddy’s grand-children. “I took a $350 7 Card Stud prize pot off the great Phil Hellmuth and this dude has 11 WSOP bracelets!”

Unibet seems to be on a roll again and they kicked off the 6th installment of the UB Online Poker Championship last Sunday with three events. We have been waiting for them to announce who will be replacing Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth as the new poker pros at the site, but haven’t seen anything yet. According to Joe Sebok, this is going to be a doozy of an announcement. So we watch and wait – don’t hold your breath whatever you do, I’m not!

PokerNews is still hunting for a hostess if you fancy your chances of getting in; you may even be able to get close to the elusive baby-faced Isildur1, aka Viktor Blom, with a great job like this! Lynn Gilmartin has been testing some friends and co-workers skills in front of the camera at the Aussie Millions. Apparently it is a good thing they are not actually auditioning!

We don’t seem to hear a lot about Chris Moneymaker these days, but we also knew nothing about him before he became the first online poker player to ever win a WSOP bracelet. So all eyes were on him as he took to the felt with Isildur1 on Day 1b of the CPA Main Event. When he entered the 2003 WSOP the pros thought he was a dead money entrant, so let’s not underestimate this player – many people do. He has my utmost respect for quite literally making online poker a respectable game and paving the way for players like Greg Raymer and Isildur1. It was Mike Matusow who coined the phrase, “Thank God for Chris Moneymaker”; indeed yes!

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January 25th, 2011
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